All employees covered under WSCC are eligible as of their date of hire. All dependents and household members of employees enrolled in the health insurance are also eligible.

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How can we help?

Call the EAP for guidance and support managing work and life, including:
• Achieving personal goals
• Finding care for an aging relative
• Sorting through legal matters
• Resolving conflicts
• Improving health such as weight loss, stress management or quitting smoking
• Planning for a strong financial future
• Strengthening relationships
• Improving communication skills
• Planning for life events such as a marriage or birth of a child

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  • Eligibility

  • EAP Counseling

  • Legal & Financial Benefit

  • Work-Life Balance Benefit

  • Management Consultations

  • Management Referrals

  • Crisis Incident Debriefing

  • Orientation & Training